Welcome Home.

This is a home built for travelers, by travelers. Our team has been around the world – to the moon and back many times over (counting dreams, of course).

We’re a special breed of travelers, you and I.

Distinctly non- tourist. We’re conscious. We live for immersive experiences. We love swashbuckling adventures and tranquilo retreats. We believe in nature. We see art as belonging in our everyday lives. We understand that most questions can and must be answered with love. We used to anguish about the state of world affairs until we started creating our own.

We’re curious about the story of your life and what wonderful synchronicity brought you to this place. Thanks for giving us a chance to create this. We’re grateful you’re here.

Your stay has been completely hand crated by a zealous team.

Welcome to San Juan del Sur. Enjoy the ride.

Muffadal & the Círculo Initiative Team