RestoCafé & Bar

Eat well, drink well.

What we eat influences who we become. Our newly opened RestoCafé currently offers a variety of food including Latin, Indian and ‘backpacker’ flavors.

We offer breakfast, lunch and quick bites you can take with you on the go like samosas and tacos. All of our ingredients are sourced locally and all food is prepared fresh with copious amounts of smile. YUM.

The tables and chairs are all built from reclaimed shipping pallets. A local community makes all of our dishes from clay, the traditional way. Each piece is also hand painted and one of a kind. More than 15 artists from around the world came together to paint the floors, depicting elements of nature. And you can find walls built from recycled glass bottles throughout the space.

At night, the space transforms into a chill bar serving a variety of national & craft beers, wine, rum and handmade cocktails. We like to have a good time, but we also like to keep it classy. Come indulge, in paradise.